Time to Dance

That’s right, everybody, Tricky Turkey Tango is now live on Amazon! It was a long road but we finally made it. It’s incredible to think that Stopping the Fat Guy was published back in 2013. Time really does fly and it just goes to show how long things can take.

If you’re a huge Quincy fan, which let’s face it you are, be sure to grab your copy today. If you plan on reviewing it, let me know and I’ll send you one for free! That’s right: free!

I’m just glad there’s officially a book about Thanksgiving.


-Your Excited Author

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Tis Destiny

Hello, fans.

As you might know I’m a pretty casual gamer. I like to play some big name games like Dark Souls, Fallout, whatever. Usually the RPGs are the best because I have such an addictive personality and I’ll spend a ridiculous amount of hours play them. Which is good from a cost of entertainment perspective. If a game costs $60 and I play it for 60 hours + that’s $1 or less per hour of entertainment. I think that’s pretty good considering I could spend $13 to go see a 2 hour movie. It may not be the best, but it’s not shabby either.

Of my most recent gaming encounters Destiny has been by far the best bang for my buck. The game is brilliant and is the first time I’ve ever found myself making multiple classes. The content just keeps coming too. I think I bought in at the right time getting the Gold Edition for 60 which included both expansions so that definitely helps.

I just want to give a shout out to Bungie and hope others who haven’t tried it check it out. The continual special events like last years Halloween and the Sparrow racing keep it fresh and new as well. And even as my Titan is Level 40 (the Max) and my Striker is fully leveled out I still have something to strive for by gaining more light and leveling up the rest of my Defender and Sun Forger modes.

The amount of time I’ve spent in Destiny is a lot. And unlike other RPGs that eventually get stale (Skyrim, Fallout, etc.) Destiny’s all online content keeps it fresh and interesting. And the best part is even if your not in the hardcore RPG explore mood, you can still just run around and shoot things mindlessly.

-Your Future Favorite Author


A Simpler Life?

Working as an engineer I find myself in constant struggle. Sure the pay (is supposed to be) good and I guess it’s a ‘cozy’ office job but honestly at times I find it flat. Perhaps it’s the creative side of me that doesn’t quite get the exercise it needs on a daily basis. I find the work easy and some times a nice challenge but I take a look at others that have more creative professions and wonder what that’d be like.

Writing of course is a goal and who knows, maybe that could be come my main gig eventually but I look at the likes of White Wizards who have their growing game business and imagine how great that’d be. I’d love to work creatively on games that I enjoy playing. Heck, I’ve definitely tossed the idea of creating one around with buddies all the time, but it seems so impossible to reach that goal. It takes so much time and we’re locked up in these 9-5 jobs that we have.

Maybe the huge pay cut is worth working on something you love every day? Maybe I could barely make a living writing manuscripts that hardly get published and working away on ‘the next big board game’ or offering DM services and be 100 times happier. But the ever looming unknown always gets to me sometimes. I have massive schools debts and other responsibilities. I have to pay those off, so part of me feels like chasing the dream is just being childish and irresponsible. But maybe, it’s worth it.

I have to give props to those that have followed their dreams and made them a reality. And even more praise to those that give back to the community and help others on their way. Sometimes I want to just break loose and join the likes but lately it’s been to much of a struggle to do so for me.

Here’s to all the other people out there yearning for their dreams. I hope we harness that spark and take life by the horns. Cause in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter how well off your are financially as long as you’re happy?


Your average 9-5er.

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