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Breaking Writer’s Block

They say that while running a marathon, runner’s hit this wall. A make it or break it point; where if they manage to push past, they will reach their goal. However, this wall is very hard to break through. It requires self discipline. The willingness to fight through exhaustion and pain. The desire for success.

As a writer, I find this applies to, well, writing. Many refer to this wall as writer’s block. As with the wall in running, it occurs at different steps in the process for different people. For some, the wall, or block, occurs before they take pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. They have these fantastical ideas; the next big thing. But starting to weave these bits and pieces into a story of any quality, or to even start writing them down on paper is on the other side of the block that they can’t, or do not want to break through.

Past this are the fringe writers. The ones who’s writer block hits them after they have started a project. They could write a few hundred words or hundreds of thousands. But somewhere along the way they get lost and stop writing. They hit their block. Some push through this block, while others drop the project. Leave it forever unfinished and move on. This, I believe, is the most common form of writer’s block. Many people hit this block for many different reasons. Some make it through, others do not.

Another form of writer’s block is just beyond finishing the project. You’ve finished it; good. But it is far from done. Whether you strive for traditional publishing or brave the turmoils of self publishing, you have a lot of work to do. Many things that ‘aren’t a writer’s’ job, but they’re part of the business. This form of writer’s block is a huge step for a lot of writers. People write because they’re artists; it’s what they love to do. And to persevere through a lot of hoop jumping and self advertising mumbo jumbo is just too much work or not what you want to focus on.

This last form is my current struggle. Though I have self published my first book and am currently editing the second, I find myself constantly putting off this non writing¬†necessities. This step, self promotion, crowd building, funneling, getting yourself out there, it’s my wall. I strive to get past it, but every time I sit in front of the computer to be productive I find another reason to push it back. It’s a problem for future me.

What is your current writer’s block or wall in life? Acknowledge it. Take control of it. And break through it. I only hope you have more success than me with it.

-Your Social Media Ignoring Blogger


Train Train Train

Over the past couple months I find myself traveling to Manhattan every other week. And I must say that trains are far more enjoyable than planes. Sure the travel time is longer and they are pretty expensive, but the ease and comfort level are worth it.

If I want to go to NYC from Boston via plane, I have to get to the airport an hour early, check a bag, go through obnoxious security (though I really don’t think it’s that bad), and then wait around at the airport hoping they don’t delay me. Which, by the way, is always for the dumbest reasons. We think we saw two Hawks box on the way here; better sit and wait for 3 hours before we take off again. Meanwhile I can show up 5 minutes before my train leaves and just walk on.

Between security and everything else a plane ends up taking the same amount of time. Why spend 3 hours going through hell when I can relax and watch a movie; or get some writing done.

The plane system needs to change. It won’t for a long time, if ever, but it needs to.

I began this thinking I’d write about how amazing trains are and ended with a rant about Airplanes. Oh, well.

-Your NYC visitor

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Re-reading Books

Something I’ve always had issues with that people do all the time is re-read books. Some people I know have re-read the same books over and over and over again. I understand liking something a lot; ¬†re-watch the same movies all the time. I get it, I like them. It makes sense.

But for whatever reason I just can’t get into re-reading a book I’ve read before. I think it has to do with the time commitment. Books are long, they take time. They’re intimate. It’s a good thing. But because of that long commitment, and my unfortunate impatience I just can never wait to get to that great part; you know?

For those of you out there that do manage to re-read books, I salute you.

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