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Art Collection

One of the many tactics I stumbled upon in my research for learning how to write better is keeping a folder of art.  The idea is that you can open the folder whenever you have writer’s block to get ideas or be inspired. I’ve also found it useful to create collages for different characters. I’m not much of an artist, but I know what I want a character to look like and can give a good feel from various drawings put together. It also helps when you want to describe them. You can pop open the collage and look at an image to help you find the words your looking for.


I think every writer should practice doing this. It has worked wonders, and has given me endless ideas. People are creative. There are a million ideas and views of things in the world. It’s great to see people create thing I would never in a thousand years have thought of. It’s simply amazing.

Today I stumbled upon Mike Burns via /r/imaginarymonsters. I haven’t looked at a lot of his work, but I love his rendition of Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry here -> .

-Your Fellow Art Lover

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In Depth Look at Covers

In Depth Look at Covers

This a great article about designing book covers that I wanted to share. It goes in depth as to what tactics hollywood and publishing houses use. It’s a great read and I think any indie author should check it out. 

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In Honor of Thanksgiving

Folks, it’s November and Thanksgiving is right away the corner. Yes, the holiday where we all sit and eat until we explode.  It’s the one day where nobody looks at you funny for taking a 5th serving right after eating desert. Not much can top that.

I’d like to take a moment to thank those who have helped dearly with my writing. You know, all the people that pushed me to the limit, my editors, and those who inspire me.  Readers never hear about all of those people. So right now I’m gonna help them shine.

Philip Newey – My first editor/manuscript critique-er. Philip went over and beyond what he needed to do and really showed me how much work I needed to do. Thank you Philip, for pushing me from dreaming novice writer wannabe to hard working striving novelist!  (Check out his, what I believe to be newest, book on Amazon here!)

Josh Huff – My content editor. He did a wonderful job and provided great service.  Josh treated Quincy like his own work and I greatly appreciate his help. He helped pushed me to be the writer that I am today and hopefully will be more of in the future.

Caitlin Cullerut  –  A dear old friend and proofread. Thank you for clearing up all the rough edges 🙂

r/writing – Seriously, I learned so much from the community there and have received so much support. They’ve motivated, inspired, and taught me most of what I know. If you’re interested in getting in to writing, go there. Everyone is very helpful. There’s a weekly critique post, lots of guides, and overall just full of great information and people.  In fact, I believe I met Philip, Josh, and my cover artist through there.

S.A. Hunt – Speaking of cover artists, this guy did a wonderful job. He put up with all my agonizing demands, which I’m sure weren’t the easiest to deal with.

Michael J. Sullivan, Brandon Sanderson, Joanna Penn – These 3 writers are amazing. They give back to fellow writers an astronomical amount. Michael J. Sullivan and Joanna Penn both provide great resources and information on indie publishing and getting yourself out there and Brandon provides a great free online writing course. Thank you guys for help building the industry and helping out fellow writers everywhere.

Big Sean – Yes, the rapper. Big Sean’s music inspires me to no end. So many of his lyrics and what he stands for is doing what you gotta do; putting in the work to be what you want to be. If you really want something, you have to put in the work. It’s not going to fall into you lap.


-Your fellow stuffed Thanksgiving lover


Bob’s Burgers’s Thanksgiving Song


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