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Seeing Things a Bit Clearer

Having a chronic disease isn’t fun; I can assure you that. And while I go through the troubles of adjusting to medication and becoming a functional human being again, I have to stop and take a second to appreciate the good moments. Every span of time I get without any brain fog fills me with hope and makes me happier beyond belief.

The flip side of this coin is that feeling normal feels normal. And that every time where the brain fog rolls in, it hits a very depressing blow. These moments suck and I know I’ve got to keep my head up.

One step at a time. We just have to stay patient.

This is for all the other hypothyroid sufferers out there. Especially the ones who have it worse than me.  I understand your pain and I hope that you all achieve some level of relief.


-Your Fellow Thyroid Cursing Indie Author

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Beta Readers

Quincy #2, Tricky Turkey Tango, is past the preliminary writing stages! Looking for any and all feedback possible while it’s in it’s developmental states. If you’ve read Stopping the Fat Guy and enjoyed it, or hated it-whatever, and would like to get a first look at the sequel let me know! 


-Your Furious Typer 



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Hail Hydra!

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, go see The Winter Soldier.  It’s a good movie. Not just a good super hero movie but a good movie. Which is nice to see.

Super hero movies seem to fall into this categorization where they have a lesser scale. For the first Captain America or Thor, I found myself saying, “It’s ok. I mean it’s a super hero movie, which is entertaining.”  Even The Avengers, which I liked a lot, still holds a bit of a footnote in my head. “It’s great for a super hero movie.” 

I believe the Winter Soldier breaks that stigma. Which is great to see from one of the less crowd favorite heroes. It shows that guys like Cap have a place in cinema and can stand alongside the guys who get endless amounts of reboots and sequels like Batman and Spider-Man. It’s refreshing and really gets you excited to see how well the newer-to-cinema heroes will do.

But beyond being a great film, I think what surprised me the most was Falcon. As you know I haven’t read a lot of comics. And when  I heard about Falcon being in the new Captain America movie, I couldn’t help but shrug him off and think he’d be lame in comparison. Kinda like Hawkeye in the Avengers. He just didn’t seem like a big deal next to the other guys. And how could he?  He’s just a normal guy who’s less BA than Nick Fury, cause I mean that guy just reaks awesomeness, and Black Widow who continues to build her credibility in each film.

By the time The Winter Soldier ended however, I found myself aw stricken by Falcon. I wanted to be Falcon more than Captain America. I have to applaud the film makers for a job well done. They made a seemingly C-List hero look like an A-lister and that can’t be easy to do.

So, go see Captain America: the Winter Soldier. Go become a Falcon fan boy like me. And get pumped for Guardians of the Galaxy while you’re at it. But remember: If a head is cut off, two more will take it’s place.

-Your Newest Falcon Follower

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