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Dungeons and Dragons

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve started playing Dungeons and Dragons with some friends. It’s amAzing. I wish I had played my whole life. I honestly think it has the potential to be the best game ever to anyone as long as they play with the right group of people.

How can it be so good? It’s simple: the game is what you and your group make it. It can be super intense and strategic, it can be all roleplay, it can be laid back, or it can be all combat. It’s easily crafted to your group’s style. The other big perk? It’s cheap. The books aren’t that expensive and if you have a DM who loves to build worlds and write stories, like me, you only need the core 3 books to get it done. After that you just play; and play and play and play.

The only issue I’ve had with it is consistently getting a group of people together. As adults in our late 20’s it’s hard to set aside a time every week. But if we could, I bet Dungeons and Dragons would eliminate my need for video games. I could save so much money just playing D&D instead.

I’m sad that I grew up in a time/with parents that frowned upon D&D. I don’t know why it grew such a bad stigma, but it’s disappointing it did. The game is well crafted, 5e is at least since we’ve been playing that, and I think everyone should give it a try. The only limits are your imaginations/

So go out there and pick up the starter kit and get on you way. Create fantastical tales of adventure with you friends that you’ll never forget.

-A Mesmorized DM



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