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The Marvel Cinema Universe

Hello internets,

Yes, it’s another post about comic books and Marvel. But what can I say? I like the guys.

But down to my point. Which is: I think Marvel is doing a wonderful job with their movie universe (and apparently TV too with the new Shield series.)  I haven’t watched that TV show yet, but I’ve heard that it’s well done. But the movies, the movies are great.

Now, I’ll admit that now all the movies so far are top notch quality. We’ll ignore the first couple x-men and the original spider-mans because they were just the beginnings. Thor and Captain America were good, entertaining films. Award worthy? No. But worth multiple watches IMO. And if The Winter Soldier is as good as The Dark World, then both franchises will have me hooked from here on out. Though they already did.  I’d go into details about Ironman, but let’s face it: Ironman is awesome.

Anyways, I love how Marvel is interconnecting their entities. It’s incredible to me how they’re able to not only do this, but keep each hero supplied with plenty to do on their own. I know they do this in the comics all the time, but I’ve never been much of a comic book reader. And I’m sure that when transporting those stories to film the idea, at least at first, seemed crazy or impossible. Yet, they have managed to do it quite well. Well enough that DC should take a few notes and get to work; because as we move forward into the digital age Marvel is leaps and bounds ahead of their main competitor.

Marvel is at the point of introducing heroes the general public has never heard for their own feature films. That’s incredible. Meanwhile, DC is still stuck pumping out Superman and Batman movies. The later of which are the only ones worth watching. Batman is amazing, but DC needs to step it up.

Back to my point. What Marvel is doing is grand. And it also display how bountiful their universe really is. As a writer and creator I can only fathom what that must feel like. To have so many entities interlocking like gears of one giant machine. It’s incredible. And very very well done.

-Your Very Blunt Spider-Man fan

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Legendary Deck Building Game

For my birthday somebody awesome got me the Marvel Deck Building Game Legendary. And let me just say it’s amAzing.

As you may know, I am a lover of board games. Pandemic, 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride, Monopoly, I love them all. I particularly like games that have a ton of variety. 7 Wonders is a great example; where every game is different.

Now I haven’t played a ton of deck building games-my only experience is the Resident Evil one, which is ok-but I love Legendary. The game has so much to offer and each game is a truly unique experience. In the core set alone there are 15 different heroes at you disposal to help you defeat one of 4 different masterminds attempting one of 8 different schemes with the help of  many villains and henchmen. As you can see, there is plenty of combinations. And if that isn’t enough there’s 3 expansions to add even more!

The game play is very fluid and there are multiple mechanics used by each hero to suit various play styles. It’s surprising how much strategy you can use if you try; though don’t let that deter you. The game difficulty can be adjusted to suit you.  Though I must admit that for me it comes off a little easy. But over at there is a great community that’s derived ways to expand on the core game.

As a comic fan, it’s great to fight off such masterminds as Magneto or Dr. Doom with your favorite heroes. I can’t wait to get all the expansions and play more.

Anyways, check the game out. It’s great if you love Marvel, Deck Building, and cooperatives games.

-Your Loki Pummeling Blogger


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Critique Circle

Last year I came across the website Critique Circle. Back then I didn’t really think it was useful. Perhaps it was my need for a full manuscript  review, or my laziness to reading other’s works.  But recently I’ve found it to be a wonderful resource.

The concept of the site is great: critique other author’s works in order to get your own work critiqued. It’s a self sustaining system that ensures people give to receive. I can’t remember the actual amounts, but I believe you need about 3 credits in order to post a work of your own. Therefore the more active you are within the community, the more you can get out of it. And it works great.

I recently put the first chapter up for Quincy’s 2nd book and managed to receive 11 critiques on it in a weeks time. That’s incredible to me. I’ve only managed to amass 2 or 3 solid beta readers over the past 2 years and they take time to get back to me. With Critique Circle, I’ve managed 5 times the amount of critiques in a quarter of the time. Sure, it may take longer to get the entire piece critiqued. But the exposure it receives is amazing.

On the flip side, the system forces you to critique other’s works. A practice that I think is undervalued by a lot of beginner writers. Reading hones your craft, there’s no denying that. The more you read the more you learn; and reading both good and bad writing helps you. And if you can teach or correct something, it means you understand it that much more.

So if you’re a writer and are in need of critiques, I suggest you give Critique Circle a shot. It’s definitely worth it.

-Your Sinus Impaired Indie Author

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