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Commuting and Writing

World, I’ve finally gotten back into the groove of things. I’d like to take a second and thank my doctors, who have been amazing over the past few months, and my new boss; without this new position, I’d be stuck in a constant changing schedule where I never got any personal stuff done. It’s been a great switch so far and finally I have structure again.

Now on to the actual reason for my post. I’ve discovered a great new time to start writing. When, you ask? Well it should be an obvious enough answer, but for some reason I found it near impossible until now. Thanks to my phone and its memo app, I now write everyday (well, almost) while commuting to and from work.  Brilliant, right?

I know, I know, I’m not the first to do this and it isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but like I said, I could never do this until now. When I lived in New Hampshire it was impossible. Well, I guess I could have written while driving 45 minutes to work every day, but it wouldn’t have been the safest thing in the world.

Now, however, I ride the T for a good 30 minutes to and from work. That’s a full hour a day that would be wasted away playing candy crush or overthinking a myriad of things for no reason. But instead I’ve converted it to pure production.  And that has re-sparked my writing every day.

Now, I challenge all of you other struggling writers out there to find that wasted time and use it for the better good. Take advantage of every second you can because the ideas will never stop flowing.

-Your Currently Undefeated Bracket Picker…for now

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New Job!

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce I start a new position at work tomorrow! This should be great all around. I will no longer be traveling 90% of the time and I should be able to hunker down on writing like I used to! Something I’ve been yearning to do once again.

In other news, we took a trip to Universal Orlando Studios and Islands of Adventure a week ago! It was amAzing. Weather was a little crappy, but that worked out wonderfully line wise and what not. We only waited longer than 30 minutes one time! And most of the time the lines were 5 minutes at most.

Anyways, I could go on and on and on about how great the trip was and how we got to swim with Manatees!!!! But I’ll try to shorten it down a bit and just give the important details.

Best Ride: It’s a tough call but I’d say the Hogwarts ride. Harry Potter played a huge role in my life growing up and the ride was not only fun, but puts you in all your favorite moments from the series. It was just incredible. I will say the Transformers ride is a close second. I’m not a huge transformers fan, but that ride was incredible and a lot of fun.

Best Area: Diagon Alley. Though the Gringots ride isn’t anything to write home about, the scenery is. The second you walk through the brick wall you find yourself immersed in your childhood dreams. The stores and the wizards walking around; don’t forget the butterbeer! Is really cool. It’s one of the coolest places I’ve ever been; hands down.

Worst Ride: I think the new Simpson ride. We only went on it once, but it wasn’t anything great. It wasn’t unique and was quite dizzying-which is strange for me as I’ve never had motion issues before. On top of that, the motion car has two rows of seats and we were in the back. Being in the back half the screen was cut off. Through the majority of the ride we couldn’t see the main characters and on occasion I didn’t know what caused us to twirl or flip or fall or whatnot. The experience was sub-par.  The Simpson area is pretty cool though.

Top Experience: Meeting Scooby-Doo!

Funniest Experience: Disaster:The Ride. Completely worth it. Just do it.

I also have to mention how the Rip It! Roller coaster has one of the coolest features I’ve ever experienced. I used to be a huge coaster junkie back in the day. But getting to choose a song you’d like to listen to while riding a thrilling coaster is a great experience. Something about it just makes it feel that much more awesome.

That’s all. Until next time.

-Your New R&D Engineer!

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