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4,000 words

If you ask anybody how to get into writing, they’ll all have the same advice. Write, write, write, write some more and read. Read everything you can get your hands on. Solid advice. The only way you’ll get better at something is if you practice and study. 

A good practice to get into as a writer is to set a daily word count to meet. I believe I read someplace that professional authors like Stephen King write between 2 and 3000 words a day. Which is actually quite a bit. Especially fictional writing. The brain has to work out what comes next, how things look, sound, and feel. Hopefully one day I can attribute enough of my time to achieve this.

For the time being my goal is set to about 700 words a day. I mentioned this before in my 3 books a year post. I think it’s a very achievable number, though I’ll admit sometimes I don’t hit it. And I’m ok with that.

Today was a great day though. I not only hit my goal, but pumped out a whopping 4000 words. That’s a solid two and half chapters for me typically. Day’s like these are awesome as a writer. You get whisked away into the story in much the same way a reader would. At least that’s how I feel. It really writes it self. I just get the pleasure of being the first to experience it and the misfortune of fixing all the errors.


At any rate. Booming days are what we writers live for. Writing is what we enjoy. It’s more than a hobby, it’s fun and addicting. I’d compare a 4000 word day to a day where you get to play that perfect video game for 12 hours straight. It’s that good.

So cheers to all you struggling writers out there. I hope you and I both get many more of these amazing trips into beautiful fictional worlds.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Rambler 

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Golden Sun and More Magic Talk

Since my last post about the whole science thing and magic systems I’ve been thinking about a good rpg to play. I’ve been on a bit of a video game break lately. I just don’t have time to spend countless hours playing them with all the reading and writing i need to do to become a writer. Reading is the only way to learn the craft better that’s entertaining really. I can’t learn how to take a reader away into never neverland by playing pokemon. Not unless I’m writing a video game plot I suppose.

At any rate, I love video games and the lack of them in my life recently sucks. There are no new ones out that I really have the urge to play. RE5 was the most recent one and it was a pretty big let down. So like most anyone else I complained about this first world problem to one of my friends because it’s better than talking to a wall.

My friend told me how he recently started replying Golden Sun and how it used ot be one of his favorite RPGs. Naturally, I decided to give it a go.It’s fun so far by the way, not mind blowingly amazing, but fun.

The main reason I find the game fun is the Djinn system. I really like how you can mix and match setting different types of Djinns to achieve different abilities for each character. It makes the magic system fun and something you can fool around with. Which brings me to my post last week. About how an intriguing magic system can make you really want to be somebody, or in this case play a particular game.

So I begaan analyzing my favorite gaes over the past and their magic systems and wouldn’t you know, the ones with that I liked the ebst had well defined, cool, magic systems. For instance FFVIII.

FFVIII is easily top 2 for my favorite Final Fantasy game. The story! The charcters! The summons! One of the best things to me about FFVIII was the summons, and how you could apply different spells to different abilities to boost them. This was not only well defined but also provided a bit a puzzle to solve in order to maximize results. I never realized until now that the reason I loved this game so much was due to this factor. Though I must admit chocobos always multiply coolness by at least 3; 5 if you get to ride them.

It really makes me appreciate all those ocuntless hours spent putting these together. In many cases, like a book, the magic system can seem like such a little detail, but it can really make or breka the entire experience. How many video games have you played with boring magic systems? Where you just go to the store by a scroll and learn the spell. How uneventfull is that compared to leveling the magic itself, or being able to use it to fine tune your characters in a unique way? Sure there are cases where boring magic belongs and works, like Yu-Gi-Oh!. Seriously, how does it work? I mean I’ve never followed it, but the few times I’ve watched it wiht my nephews I jsut didn’t understand. It as like cards just did whatever the writer needed them to do for the plot.

At anyrate, mayjor props to the Square Enixs of the world who provide us with creative interesting ways of magic.

-Your Favorite Blogging Blitzball Player

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Beyond Our Reach

Typically I listen to music while running data at work. Every now and then though I find something more engaging that I can learn from. There was a solid two weeks where I plowed through Brandon Sanderson’s writing class. Which I think is great for an aspiring author to watch and learn form. I’m a huge fan of Sanderson. I think he provides a lot for the community and Mistborn is near the top of the best books I’ve ever read. I’m I’ll go on about it in the future because I’m getting off track right now.


Today I was watching/listening to this ->  and really wanted to share it.

It’s a video of Stephen Colbert interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson. It’s really great stuff. Completely mind blowing what’s out there and makes you think.  It’s a long interview but definitely worth the watch. At least I thought it was. I guess it speaks to the engineer part of me.

At one point Tyson explains how people interpret things beyond their comprehension as Magic. This seems to prove true throughout history aif you think about it. And actually brought me to thinking about Magic in writing. Tyson describes the effect that if you can’t understand it you’re naturally weary of it and think it’s dangerous. Where as if it’s clearly defined and you can see how it works, you want to use it.

I instantly compared these thoughts to two fictional examples that are at the forefront of my mind. First would be the magic used by Dresden in the Dresden files. I’m only on book two but the extent of what can and can’t be done and how is loosely defined and thus ‘beyond comprehension’. I’m not saying this is bad, but it gives it an ‘ok he’s a Wizard, I can deal with that’ feel. By no means does it make me want to be him, or fantasize about what I could do with his powers.

On the other hand is the magic systems in the Mistborn universe. Defined to a t, very comprehendable. I find myself yearning to use the system. I want to test it’s boundries. I want to be a mistborn.


At anyrate, it’s food for thought. I’d love to hear othe rpeoples thoughts on the matter and I hope you can all appreciate the interview as much as me.

-Your Work Procrastinating Word Spitter



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