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Time to Dance

That’s right, everybody, Tricky Turkey Tango is now live on Amazon! It was a long road but we finally made it. It’s incredible to think that Stopping the Fat Guy was published back in 2013. Time really does fly and it just goes to show how long things can take.

If you’re a huge Quincy fan, which let’s face it you are, be sure to grab your copy today. If you plan on reviewing it, let me know and I’ll send you one for free! That’s right: free!

I’m just glad there’s officially a book about Thanksgiving.


-Your Excited Author

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No More Hour Commute

Hello, world!  That’s right, I no longer have an hour plus commute to work! So far it is fantastic 😀  Life quality has improved a lot in the past couple weeks and I should finally have time to do all the things I want. Mostly writing. So Let’s all be on the look out for that!


Updated version of Stopping the Fat Guy is live on Amazon! Tricky Turkey Tango isn’t quite finished yet. Something about finishing your master’s degree seems to halt most other things I suppose.  Anyways, it will be out soon I promise. If you already own StFG and want the updated version let me know and I’ll hook you up!


Also, new card game out that is a ton of fun and has a cheap initial investment. Epic!  It’s fantastic very strategically deep and a good cheap alternative to things like Magic. Check it out and support the team. I look forward to seeing more people playing and competing 😀

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Book 2 In Editing

I’m very happy to announce that the second Memoirs of a True Hero novel is being copy edited! Yes, this one took a long time to write and self edit and there’s definitely a lot left to do; but I’m glad to be making strides.

I found the second book to be the hardest to write so far. I’ve just hit many different challenges this time around. But am proud to get it moving in the right direction. I’ve learned to take my time with this one more so than the first. I have to make everything top notch prior to publication.

On a side note-I’ve updated and added a second Map. Be sure to check it out above! I’ve finally found an artist that is pleasant to work with and enjoys the challenges I bring him.

If you haven’t read Stopping the Fat Guy yet, be sure to check it out on Kindle or hit me up for a copy.

-Your less sickly USA traveler

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