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Story Matters, and so does a hot Lara Croft.

I’ve never been a fan of the Tomb Raider games over the years. I don’t know why really. I played one or two and couldn’t get into them.  To be honest, I had taken the opinion-like I’m sure others had too- that they were just using the games as an excuse to show off Lara Croft.  

With that said, as soon as I saw the trailer for the reboot I got excited. It looked so raw and rugged; and the new Lara Croft look was also an upgrade IMO. So naturally, I went out on a limb and bought it. What’d I think? It’s awesome.  


I don’t think I’ve ever played a game in which I’ve felt constantly in peril. The game keeps you on your toes constantly. Half the time you can’t even walk without something bad happen. It’s great. And you know what surprised me the most? The story. It was actually good and entertaining, which is something to say for most games now a days.

Now, Square has a great history of games with great stories, but even they have been sliding down hill lately. I know some of you don’t play games for their stories, but I am a huge sucker. I find the story of a game to be way more important than it is given credit for. Sure you could mindlessly waste hours away as a Dovahkiin with almost no rhyme or reason (cause let’s face it, the majority of us paid little to no attention to what was actually happening on the side quests. Though I will admit there were one or two that were actually captivating. Like the one where you go on a drunken bender and figure out what you did) but personally I’ve always loved games that held more meaning.


Just look at Arkham City. Yes the game play was amazing, but so was the story, and despite how cool it was to be the Batman, the story held my attention from start to finish. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.


In a sea of games that come up with very poor over all story and character development, Tomb Raider delivered. And I must say I have a new found respect for Lara Croft. She is a straight beast, and a sexy one to boot! I just hope she continues down this path for years to come.


-Your Everyday Lara Croft Lover

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Golden Sun and More Magic Talk

Since my last post about the whole science thing and magic systems I’ve been thinking about a good rpg to play. I’ve been on a bit of a video game break lately. I just don’t have time to spend countless hours playing them with all the reading and writing i need to do to become a writer. Reading is the only way to learn the craft better that’s entertaining really. I can’t learn how to take a reader away into never neverland by playing pokemon. Not unless I’m writing a video game plot I suppose.

At any rate, I love video games and the lack of them in my life recently sucks. There are no new ones out that I really have the urge to play. RE5 was the most recent one and it was a pretty big let down. So like most anyone else I complained about this first world problem to one of my friends because it’s better than talking to a wall.

My friend told me how he recently started replying Golden Sun and how it used ot be one of his favorite RPGs. Naturally, I decided to give it a go.It’s fun so far by the way, not mind blowingly amazing, but fun.

The main reason I find the game fun is the Djinn system. I really like how you can mix and match setting different types of Djinns to achieve different abilities for each character. It makes the magic system fun and something you can fool around with. Which brings me to my post last week. About how an intriguing magic system can make you really want to be somebody, or in this case play a particular game.

So I begaan analyzing my favorite gaes over the past and their magic systems and wouldn’t you know, the ones with that I liked the ebst had well defined, cool, magic systems. For instance FFVIII.

FFVIII is easily top 2 for my favorite Final Fantasy game. The story! The charcters! The summons! One of the best things to me about FFVIII was the summons, and how you could apply different spells to different abilities to boost them. This was not only well defined but also provided a bit a puzzle to solve in order to maximize results. I never realized until now that the reason I loved this game so much was due to this factor. Though I must admit chocobos always multiply coolness by at least 3; 5 if you get to ride them.

It really makes me appreciate all those ocuntless hours spent putting these together. In many cases, like a book, the magic system can seem like such a little detail, but it can really make or breka the entire experience. How many video games have you played with boring magic systems? Where you just go to the store by a scroll and learn the spell. How uneventfull is that compared to leveling the magic itself, or being able to use it to fine tune your characters in a unique way? Sure there are cases where boring magic belongs and works, like Yu-Gi-Oh!. Seriously, how does it work? I mean I’ve never followed it, but the few times I’ve watched it wiht my nephews I jsut didn’t understand. It as like cards just did whatever the writer needed them to do for the plot.

At anyrate, mayjor props to the Square Enixs of the world who provide us with creative interesting ways of magic.

-Your Favorite Blogging Blitzball Player

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