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Giving Back to the Writing Community

My fellow writers and other Internet browsers who tripped, fell, rolled, and stumbled upon my little known blog, I want to show my appreciation for all the successful writers who have really contributed to helping the rest of us along. I’m sure I don’t know them all and am sorry if I skip over any on this post. And if I do skip over someone please send me links to their help! I’m always craving to read/view/study more about our craft.

I guess the best way to go through my thanks is to walk along my journey into the writing world. The first piece of writing help I delved into was Stephen King’s On Writing. I’m sure a lot of you have heard of the horror King’s memoir (see what I did there :D). It’s not only an entertaining read, but also provides his insight on the craft. I think any young writer should read this book. It’s very well done and let’s you get inside the head of a best seller. Thank you, Stephen King,  for my first stepping block.

The next step on my journey I’ve probably mentioned 100 times; Brandon Sanderson’s writing courses. These were probably the most submersible and the biggest Kickstart for me. Sanderson’s courses have become more mainstream over the past couple of years and he has put out multiple versions. If you’re just beginning, check these out. I will never be able to thank Brandon enough for the amount he’s given back to the community and how much I have learned from those courses. Thank you, Brandon Sanderson! Oh, and he has some great books too!

R/writing is up next. Though I’m not as active there as I used to be, r/writing ,and reddit in general, is a great resource in life. I’ve spent many a days reading tips and tricks and lists posted in r/writing. And this thanks goes to all the other indie/self-published authors and lurking career authors out there that remain anonymous in the r/writing community.

My last thanks goes out to Michael J. Sullivan. Though I have yet to read his works he’s been the prime example of giving back to the community from a self-published perspective. Over the last couple years, he’s exploded onto the scene and has documented every step of the process for all to follow. No one, that I know of, has gone into the details of what to do and how to do them as Sullivan has. Not only this, but he is very active in the social media channels and, from my experience, is always open to chatting with other authors and provide advice. Thank you, Michael J. Sullivan, for the continual support!

Well, that’s it. All my quick thanks and shout outs. If you’re an inspiring writer or trying to hone your craft, check these people out. You will not be disappointed.

– Your bus riding – needing more time to get things done buddy.

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Volume 2

Hello Internet!

It is my pleasure to announce that Memoirs of A True Hero Volume 2: Tricky Turkey Tango is about ready to be read by Beta readers!

That’s right; Quincy’s adventure continues.  I’m always looking for more people to give feedback on my work, so if you’re interested in joining my beta reader crew just let me know 🙂 

I’m very excited about this and am glad to provide good news despite my recent medical woes.

Till next time, keep making good art!


-Your Non Allergic Writer Whose Nose Hates Every Allergen

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Getting Back to It

Hello fellow bloggers and other random people that read this on occasion. I hope all is well for you. The first thing I want to say is that work sucks.

Moving on, I’ve finally begun the final stages of actually self Publishing Stopping the Fat Guy. Converting a word document file to eBook isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Though there are plenty of tried and true means to go about it, I have a very distinct view in my mind of how I want certain things to be. You can call me nitpicky or anal, but it needs to be just right. I’m probably way over thinking things, but I don’t care. It needs to have that extra Quincy feel.  Luckily, Google exists to help me answer 90% of my questions with some searching. It’s finding the time to do that, that’s the issue. I did spend a solid 5 hours the other night converting all my italics correctly, yay html!


Any who, the feeling is still surreal in a way. I’m honestly more proud about Quincy’s adventure than anything else I’ve ever accomplished. I can only hope that you all manage to find something that lifts you up as much as this does for me.


On the reading side of things I’ve been slacking hardcore. I haven’t read anything in over a month (maybe 2). I just couldn’t get in to anything. I guess I really wasn’t looking either, but I tried the audio book for Dresden Files (Summer Knight) on the way to and from work. I’m not sure I like it, but I don’t know if it’s the reader or the content. I think this is the 4th book, and I’m still wishy washy of whether or not I like the series. I still love concept, but I’m still not sold on the execution. Everyone I know keeps insisting I stick with it a bit further though. But, it’s the 4th book and I’m 8 chapters in, I feel like I should be hooked by now if I actually liked it, or stood a chance to. 


Besides Dresden, I finally started to read Name of the Wind. It took me a few tries to get into it, but now that I’m at the actual story and no longer sitting around the Inn, I like it a lot so far. The writing lives up to the hype. The prose is really well done. It’s just so solid, and Rothfuss is incredible so far on a few levels. I’m excited to fly through both of books for the series in no time. I can honestly say that it has inspired me to be a better writer. Which is saying something while I’m on chapter 12.

That’s it, I need to go back to the real working world now.

-Your Personal Chronicler Who Knows Far Too Much About Headlights

Feel the Love  – Rudimental

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