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A Hobbit Day

Currently tuned into AMC which is playing The Two Towers. I assume this is in honor of The Hobbit being released on Blur-ray,DVD, digital download, etc. At any rate, I love these movies. They are so well done. J.R.R. Tolkein was a genius.  

It’s hard for me to conceptualize a time before Hobbits. A time where orcs and elves were hardly defined. Almost everything now a days references LotR in one way or another. And this blows my mind. Tolkein created things that have become everyday things. Elves are used everywhere; video games, other books, movies. It’s incredible.

I wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank Grandpa Tolkein for all he accomplished.  He brought fantasy a long way and paved the road for many others. He single handedly made the genre more mainstream and opened the door for the likes of Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, and Brandon Sanderson.  


I wish Tolkein could have seen just how big the Lord of the Rings has become. It’d be interesting to see how he felt about the film interpretations. And as a writer I can not imagine he could have dreamed it to become what it has. It’s not in our nature. As good as we feel something we write is, we still have doubts. We know all the imperfections that others don’t after all.

I have to admit I’ve never managed to read the Lord of the Rings. I find it impossible to read something after I’ve watched it. It bores me (exception Harry Potter, but I read those first). I did read the Hobbit though and it was amazing in so many ways. I love that book and would suggest it to everyone.


Hears to you Grandpa Tolkein. Wish you were around to enjoy this.


-Your Half as Hairy as Hobbit blogger

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