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That Extra Bit

I’ve discovered that I like it when authors seem to go the extra mile. I mean, I know now that we all do go very in detail with the world building and character development. More so than most readers would ever realize. But I love it when as a reader you get to see this in the act. A lot of people do this in different ways.

The most popular example of this would probably be Pottermore. I love Harry Potter. I grew up with it, read the first three books in 7th and 8th grade, and waited on pins and needles to for the next one to come out just to rip through it in three days. It was amazing. I couldn’t get enough. It had everything a growing boy could want.  And now there’s Pottermore, which is like unlocking all this secret information in your favorite video game except in book form; it’s great. You can read excerpts that weren’t put in to the books, or tid bits of information about random characters that practically meant nothing; but being such a huge fan of the universe it feeds that itch for more, you know?

Things like this are great. Another example would be how Brandon Sanderson posts extras of his books on his website. If you head over there and click on Mistborn you will find deleted scenes, and various revisions of chapters. It’s neat.  As a writer I find this a bit more interesting of course, because you can see his thought process on story development. What he thought was necessary etc.  I feel like these kind of extras really bring you closer to author and is great for the book industry.

Another thing  a lot of others due that I find intriguing as a story building mechanic is the use of some sort of excerpt or the like at the beginning of chapters. For example Ender’s Game- great book, stoked for the movie- at the beginning of every chapter are the two men talking. It’s a bit enigmatic, and when it all comes together it’s great. I love to experience this tactic done well. It adds so much flavor and depth to the book I think. Mistborn does a great job with these, where it pertains to the story well.

Another book that used these that was more of a fun tid bit is Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess. I think the way the Foglios use this mechanic in a cool way. Instead of having their passages pertain directly to the story, they are random things from the universe. The one that sticks out most in my mind was a recipe for some common food dish. Like I said, it feels like you found a cool trophy in a video game.

Anyways. This is my goal. I want my work to be more than just novels for those who enjoy them. Queen City, the site of my first book and series, is huge and has lots to offer. Way more than I can fit in a novel or two; or ten. Hopefully when it’s all said and done I’ll be able to provide readers with all the means necessary to completely submerge themselves.


-Your Awfully Tired Author Who Doesn’t Care That He Just Used An Adverb

P.S. – This has been stuck in my head all week. 

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