Hunting the Nightmares

Bloodborne. Yes, Bloodborne. I began playing From Software’s games with Dark Souls. I was hooked in a second back then. Dark Souls II? I played that game four about 2 months straight all day every day when I was really sick. Bloodborne? Yea, I was hooked, but I have to say it’s beginning to lose it’s flair.

From Software’s games will always be high on my list for the simple reason that they actually challenge you. This should come to no surprise to anyway as it’s their main selling point. I grew up with the classic games and like to be challenged; which can be pretty hard to find now-a-days. In fact, I find myself playing most games out of the box on SUPER-EXRA-HARDCORE-PROFESSIONAL mode or whatever and it’s still not very hard. A terrible trend we’re on that I hope changes.

So, yes. That’s the good of Bloodborne and we all already know that already. The part that’s getting old? The story is too vague. I can’t really remember if it was so sparse in the Dark Souls series, but in Bloodborne it’s almost completely not there. Sure there are tidbits here and there and if you read the item descriptions you pick up more and more, but even at that I had no idea what was going on the entire time. Just a vague reference of this huge dream thing and me being a hunter hunting demons or nightmares. Heck, I didn’t even realize it was Love Craft based until I read a great write up on it done on Reddit. I’d link to it but I feel lazy right now. Just search Bloodborne story on Reddit.

If other people have understood what was going on and such then props to you, but to me it was too sporadic to follow.  It’s disappointing really. The gameplay is fantastic, but I found myself asking constantly: why I am doing this? What do I care if I slay this beast. Sure I get further in the game but what’s my purpose? Was I actually enjoying it? Or just blindly running around murdering things.

Is it too much to ask for great challenging gameplay and a story? Maybe.

Either way, if you enjoy their previous games, you’ll like Bloodborne. But if you’re like me and thrive on story, then you’ll probably find it lacking. Still it was fun to play. So, go play it!


-Your Noble Vileblood

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