Fit Bit Tid Bit

That’s right, people. I got a Fit Bit Charge HR. And it’s … alright so far.

So, for a while now I’ve been looking for a way to track my workouts. As you may or may not know, I’m a huge fan of being fit. Well, I was and got sidetracked hardcore with Hypothyroidism, but finally I’m getting back into the swing of things slowly but surely. How do I work out? Beachbody videos.

You can hate if you want to, but I think they’re very well done. Being someone who spent the entirety of their childhood through college being completely inactive,  Shaun T’s Insanity whipped me into gear. I then decided to try out Tony Horton’s P90X and well, the rest is history. I owe those two a lot. Both changed my complete outlook on life and helped me form a better version of myself. So naturally, I’ve turned to P90X3 to get me back up on that horse. And man has it been hard after 16 months of sloth-ing about.

But that’s all besides the point.  Back to the Fit Bit. During these programs I’ve always found it hard to track the data. Sure, Tony always pushes we track the number of push-ups, reps, and pull-ups you do ( which is all great and good), but I’m still part engineer and I need data. I feed on it. To be honest, crunching numbers and making graphs and such has always been kind of zen-like for me. And this desire has turned me to Fit Bit.

Fit Bit is made to track all sorts of healthy data. It’s tracks my heart rate, my steps, my calories burned, my hours slept. All great things to know. But the issue so far? What do I do with this data? Sure, I’ve received it a very streamline fashion, but knowing what my resting heart rate is or how many hours of sleep I’m averaging; is that actually helping me? So far, not so much.  I’m hoping I figure this out as I go, but for now I’m at a bit of a lost.

The only info I’ve found a tiny bit helpful so far is how many calories I’ve burned. But it’s a little strange that it gives me all the calories I’ve burned in a day. I mean, I suppose that’s good, but I wish it was just my calories per workout. I guess it might be better if I took the time to input my food and water intake. But I’m far too lazy for that. Maybe I need a mouth Fit Bit for that.

At any rate, I hope this thing works out.  And if anyone has any tips, let me know!

– Your P90Xer

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