Well, I just finished reading Brandon Sanderson’s Firefight, Book 2 of The Reckoners series, and it was quite the ride. All in all a 4 out 5 stars I would say. The book read quick just as Steelheart; not typical for Sanderson’s stories, but it suits the feel of the book and it doesn’t hinder his story telling ability.

Throughout the journey we learn a lot more about Epics and find more to discover which is great. The characters hold real value as ever and the city of Babilar is unique and very interesting.

The huge fault with this series, to me at least, unfortunately lies with its protagonist. There’s nothing wrong with David character wise per se, but his obnoxious metaphors really hinders the reading; more so than the first one. It’s not even the metaphors, or similes, themselves that’s the issue; it’s the constant reminder of how bad they are. It is constantly talked about and shoved in the readers face. We get it. David is bad at this. It’s a unique quirky character trait; but it’s crazy annoying to have this fact pointed out almost every single chapter. It turns from unique and silly/kind of funny to overly overdone and annoying very fast. I honestly almost put the book down multiple times because of this. Which is unfortunate because i love the overall story. it’s like when in a movie they tell a joke and continually beat the dead horse through out the movie. Every time it pops up it just gets more and more annoying to see.  i really hope he dials back on this in the next installment.

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2 thoughts on “Firefight

  1. I LOVE the metaphor/simile jokes! I laugh out loud every time he says one, or when he’s rendered breathless by someone’s good metaphor/simile. I think they’re moments made to remind us that he’s still just a nerdy kid despite all that he’s accomplished and endured. But, I can admit there were a lot of them this go around. Since Calamity already seems to be so serious, maybe David will grow out of them.

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