Train Train Train

Over the past couple months I find myself traveling to Manhattan every other week. And I must say that trains are far more enjoyable than planes. Sure the travel time is longer and they are pretty expensive, but the ease and comfort level are worth it.

If I want to go to NYC from Boston via plane, I have to get to the airport an hour early, check a bag, go through obnoxious security (though I really don’t think it’s that bad), and then wait around at the airport hoping they don’t delay me. Which, by the way, is always for the dumbest reasons. We think we saw two Hawks box on the way here; better sit and wait for 3 hours before we take off again. Meanwhile I can show up 5 minutes before my train leaves and just walk on.

Between security and everything else a plane ends up taking the same amount of time. Why spend 3 hours going through hell when I can relax and watch a movie; or get some writing done.

The plane system needs to change. It won’t for a long time, if ever, but it needs to.

I began this thinking I’d write about how amazing trains are and ended with a rant about Airplanes. Oh, well.

-Your NYC visitor

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