WWE 2k15, Behold the Lion Tamer

When I was younger, I was a huge fan of wrestling. How could you not be with the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, and DX headlining? But in time the attitude era and so did my childhood obsession. Fast forward to 2013 when I get mono and what do I pick up to keep me entertained? WWE 13 obviously. So from there, I’ve gotten into the game aspect quite a bit because it’s nostalgic in a way and pretty fun.

Anyways, so this led to getting WWE 2K15 for PS4. Overall the game is great and an improvement from past years. THe stamina system is wonderful and the overall game play is smooth. A lot of matches even feel more realistic and challenging/breath taking.

MyCareer mode is the talk of the town of course. Finally, we can reate our own super stars and fight our way to the top of the WWE. It is fantastic that 2K developed this mode. But man does it have a lot of issues ranging from the horrible RPG aspect with no diminishing returns to week after week learning to hate Vicki’s guts because she never has anything lined up for you. This second one is what really bothers me. At first it was fine, because you had to build up your character. I didn’t mind fighting tune up match after tune up match to gain followers because the Lion Tamer was a 70 overall and couldn’t hang with the big boys. Plus, after having a ridiculously fun and nerve racking match against Bo Dallas where both of us were struggling to stand on our feet and take down the other, i figured only good things could be on the horizon. But I was wrong.

I’m  currently 10 hours into the career mode and it just makes me mad. I yearn for stories, i yearn for epic matches, or anything special besides the typical tune-up but week after week I don’t get it. The Lion Tamer is 97 overall; every match I fight is me beating the crap out of whoever. it never feels epic, I never feel in danger. I just beat them up perform an OMG moment, win or DQ myself if I feel like it cause I’m a heel, at get Greatest of All-Time rating. Yet it feels like im just grinding through stupid stuff i don’t want to do. I’m beginning to realize I’ll never have a match as challenging, rewarding, or fun as that stupid one on one vs Bo Dallas 2 hours in.

As a player I want story lines. I want epic matches and crazy stuff to happen. I don’t want to play 10 tune-ups and then get a month long story. Just let me skip the middle and only give me stories. Or give me stories that go on and on and split into different paths. It’s obnoxious that i have to fight meaningless matches. It makes me feel like the middle-class of the WWE.

I sure hope 2K steps it up for next year.

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