Ideas A Plenty

One of the things any successful author, publisher, or editor will tell you is that ideas are cheap’ or that they’re a dime a dozen. Which is very true. Execution is what counts. Three people could be given the same exact story to write containing the same characters and everything, and yet each person would produce very different compositions. What separates their success is the quality of the story telling.

With that said, ideas may be cheap but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be excited about every single one you have. Personally I get super excited about a new idea for a book. I’ll be going abouut my daily business and ZAP! out of nowhere the next greatest thing pops in to my head and I can’t stop mulling over it. In my opinion this is great. But it’s not good enough to just ponder over that idea. You need to execute it. Sure if your working on something else put aside, but never forget it. At worst add it to a current project.

You will have endless amounts of ideas in your life. Each one doesn’t need it’s own project. Use the ideas you have when you have them. Don’t let them rot away in a notebook somewhere.

-Your Stuck by Lightning Creative Pal


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