Any Progress is Progress

Just an update for the millions of fans  out there. I have been slowly chipping away at the sequel to Stopping the Fat Guy. So don’t worry. It will Come out- eventually.

This one has taken longer for many reasons. One of the big ones being my desire for quality. While working on Tricky Turkey Tango ( yes, that’s its title!) I’ve become more obsessive about the finished product.

This can be a bad thing, but as long as I can learn to let go of a project as a writer and say at some point it’s as good as it’s going to get, it’ll be very beneficial.

With that said, I’m making some edits slash upgrades to Stopping the Fat Guy.  Something I can do whenever I want as an independent author. If you  want to check out the revised version let me know and I’ll hook you up.

In the mean time, fans, hang in there and writers, keep it going; the world needs your art.

– Your fellow Maroon 5 Listener ( Check out their new album V)

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