A Long Rough Patch

It’s amazing that as bad as being sick is the thing that bothers me the most is not being able to focus on my writing. It makes me feel unproductive in every sense. And when I try to force through the fog and get things down it feels so lackluster and not good work. I don’t want to produce crap. I want to give every piece of work my all.

Luckily  I have a piece or work in the editing stages. And really need feedback from beta readers. So this would be a perfect time in life to sit and wait for those replys. But I’m having terrible luck on that front recently. People get busy I suppose. If only there were some kind of magical beta reading website I could submit to and wait. That’d be excellent.
Maybe one day.

Anyways, that’s my rainy day rant. On the plus side I got interviewed over at  http://tenminuteinterviews.com/benjamin-h-hebert/ . And am really excited about that :).

-Your thyroid hating ranting rhino of the present.

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