Watched X-Men: Days of Future past this weekend. I liked it. It wasn’t spectacular, it wasnt bad either; it was just good. And I highly suggest seeing it.

They did a very good job of utilizing a variety of mutants without over doing it and trying to focus a plot line for each one. To help accomplish this, the film allowed the characters to exist with just our memories of their past roles in the original trilogy. A gutsy and brilliant idea. It’s always nice when Hollywood trusts the audience to understand what’s going on instead of spoon feeding us every little detail.

I think the only problem with the film is that the best part happens rather early and with a mutant who has no other role in the movie. Quicksilver’s five minutes of fame out shown everything else and left me wanting more.

It’s also interesting to see 20th century fox utilizing the character while he’s also slated to be in Marvel Studio’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. As a fan, the bar has been set high for the Avenger’s movie. And though both are separate entities, there is sure to be confusion among general viewers.

Here’s hoping Marvel’s Quicksilver is as entertaining as Fox’s. And that Fox brings theirs back for more fun.

Also, it was great to see an x-man movie with Wolverine, where despite being a main character, he wasn’t being shoved down our throats or stealing all the focus.

-Your Newly found Quicksilver fanboy.

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