As I’ve been traveling a ton for work, I’ve been spending plenty of time in airports. After just a few weeks I’ve concluded they exist in their own little world.

There aren’t many places you can order 3 straight rum and cokes at 8am and have it be socially acceptable, but airports are one of them. In fact, I don’t think I’ve gone through an airport at any time in the day and not seen someone drinking. As a writer I wonder what their story is. Why they’re sitting here at the airport pub throwing back Jager Bombs. I can only assume they’ve seen some serious shit to wind up here across from me. One too many vampire slayings or ghost wranglings. Then again, maybe they’ve just had a really rough week.

Outside of your local traveling alcoholics, you’ll find a vacationing family or two. The whole lot excited to go somewhere magical like Disney World; can’t help but envy them. Though I have to wonder what the group on my plane to Baltimore is so excited about. I’m not bashing Baltimore, but it’s not exactly family vacation central last time I checked. For all we know they’re a family of slaughterers going to the yearly hush-hush Murder Convention. Yes, Murder Convention isn’t a very creative term, I know; but the lot of them are very blunt I think.

My other fellow travelers are odds and ends. Elderly folk traveling home to family or perhaps visiting an old friend for what will sadly be the last time. The ancient lady to my right is probably off on a more fantastical adventure. She eats her bag of chips and bobs to the music like a teenager. I can only assume she’s off to box some kangaroos or skydive. All the power to her.

The rest are like me. Business travelers glued to their phones or computers. Each trying to meet deadlines or answering countless e-mails. Slaves to technology. For them I pray they take some time to put the work aside and enjoy the view. Enjoy the wondrous people traveling beside them. Maybe talk to old Bertha here next to me and get a first hand account of a kangaroo boxing match.

Yea, airports are their own little worlds.


-Your always on the road still foggy feeling writer


P.S. – I tend to latch on to songs during different points in life for different reasons.This song has helped me a lot through this whole thyroid conundrum. I get lost in it every time and it gives me hope. 

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