Seeing Things a Bit Clearer

Having a chronic disease isn’t fun; I can assure you that. And while I go through the troubles of adjusting to medication and becoming a functional human being again, I have to stop and take a second to appreciate the good moments. Every span of time I get without any brain fog fills me with hope and makes me happier beyond belief.

The flip side of this coin is that feeling normal feels normal. And that every time where the brain fog rolls in, it hits a very depressing blow. These moments suck and I know I’ve got to keep my head up.

One step at a time. We just have to stay patient.

This is for all the other hypothyroid sufferers out there. Especially the ones who have it worse than me.  I understand your pain and I hope that you all achieve some level of relief.


-Your Fellow Thyroid Cursing Indie Author

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