Hail Hydra!

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, go see The Winter Soldier.  It’s a good movie. Not just a good super hero movie but a good movie. Which is nice to see.

Super hero movies seem to fall into this categorization where they have a lesser scale. For the first Captain America or Thor, I found myself saying, “It’s ok. I mean it’s a super hero movie, which is entertaining.”  Even The Avengers, which I liked a lot, still holds a bit of a footnote in my head. “It’s great for a super hero movie.” 

I believe the Winter Soldier breaks that stigma. Which is great to see from one of the less crowd favorite heroes. It shows that guys like Cap have a place in cinema and can stand alongside the guys who get endless amounts of reboots and sequels like Batman and Spider-Man. It’s refreshing and really gets you excited to see how well the newer-to-cinema heroes will do.

But beyond being a great film, I think what surprised me the most was Falcon. As you know I haven’t read a lot of comics. And when  I heard about Falcon being in the new Captain America movie, I couldn’t help but shrug him off and think he’d be lame in comparison. Kinda like Hawkeye in the Avengers. He just didn’t seem like a big deal next to the other guys. And how could he?  He’s just a normal guy who’s less BA than Nick Fury, cause I mean that guy just reaks awesomeness, and Black Widow who continues to build her credibility in each film.

By the time The Winter Soldier ended however, I found myself aw stricken by Falcon. I wanted to be Falcon more than Captain America. I have to applaud the film makers for a job well done. They made a seemingly C-List hero look like an A-lister and that can’t be easy to do.

So, go see Captain America: the Winter Soldier. Go become a Falcon fan boy like me. And get pumped for Guardians of the Galaxy while you’re at it. But remember: If a head is cut off, two more will take it’s place.

-Your Newest Falcon Follower

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