The Marvel Cinema Universe

Hello internets,

Yes, it’s another post about comic books and Marvel. But what can I say? I like the guys.

But down to my point. Which is: I think Marvel is doing a wonderful job with their movie universe (and apparently TV too with the new Shield series.)  I haven’t watched that TV show yet, but I’ve heard that it’s well done. But the movies, the movies are great.

Now, I’ll admit that now all the movies so far are top notch quality. We’ll ignore the first couple x-men and the original spider-mans because they were just the beginnings. Thor and Captain America were good, entertaining films. Award worthy? No. But worth multiple watches IMO. And if The Winter Soldier is as good as The Dark World, then both franchises will have me hooked from here on out. Though they already did.  I’d go into details about Ironman, but let’s face it: Ironman is awesome.

Anyways, I love how Marvel is interconnecting their entities. It’s incredible to me how they’re able to not only do this, but keep each hero supplied with plenty to do on their own. I know they do this in the comics all the time, but I’ve never been much of a comic book reader. And I’m sure that when transporting those stories to film the idea, at least at first, seemed crazy or impossible. Yet, they have managed to do it quite well. Well enough that DC should take a few notes and get to work; because as we move forward into the digital age Marvel is leaps and bounds ahead of their main competitor.

Marvel is at the point of introducing heroes the general public has never heard for their own feature films. That’s incredible. Meanwhile, DC is still stuck pumping out Superman and Batman movies. The later of which are the only ones worth watching. Batman is amazing, but DC needs to step it up.

Back to my point. What Marvel is doing is grand. And it also display how bountiful their universe really is. As a writer and creator I can only fathom what that must feel like. To have so many entities interlocking like gears of one giant machine. It’s incredible. And very very well done.

-Your Very Blunt Spider-Man fan

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