Legendary Deck Building Game

For my birthday somebody awesome got me the Marvel Deck Building Game Legendary. And let me just say it’s amAzing.

As you may know, I am a lover of board games. Pandemic, 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride, Monopoly, I love them all. I particularly like games that have a ton of variety. 7 Wonders is a great example; where every game is different.

Now I haven’t played a ton of deck building games-my only experience is the Resident Evil one, which is ok-but I love Legendary. The game has so much to offer and each game is a truly unique experience. In the core set alone there are 15 different heroes at you disposal to help you defeat one of 4 different masterminds attempting one of 8 different schemes with the help of  many villains and henchmen. As you can see, there is plenty of combinations. And if that isn’t enough there’s 3 expansions to add even more!

The game play is very fluid and there are multiple mechanics used by each hero to suit various play styles. It’s surprising how much strategy you can use if you try; though don’t let that deter you. The game difficulty can be adjusted to suit you.  Though I must admit that for me it comes off a little easy. But over at Boardgamegeek.com there is a great community that’s derived ways to expand on the core game.

As a comic fan, it’s great to fight off such masterminds as Magneto or Dr. Doom with your favorite heroes. I can’t wait to get all the expansions and play more.

Anyways, check the game out. It’s great if you love Marvel, Deck Building, and cooperatives games.

-Your Loki Pummeling Blogger


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4 thoughts on “Legendary Deck Building Game

  1. Stephen Huynh says:

    Hey Ben! Have you also played the DC deck building game? I’m curious to see which one is better or if mechanically they’re both pretty much the same. Unfortunately, I haven’t played either of them. I mean I didn’t even know Marvel came out with a deck building game. I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick them both up since I love them anyways but I’d love to get your opinion.

    • I have not yet played the DC one; though from what I hear it’s not as great mechanically :(. It’s a shame they can’t just both be great. I still want to try it some day though.

      • Stephen Huynh says:

        Haha the pains of being a devote fan to both publishers :[ I would absolutely lose it if Paizo and Marvel or DC got together to create an adventure care game like Paizo has done for the Pathfinder Adventure Card game. OH MAN. Imagine playing as iconic teams from the Marvel universe with your friends and just leveling up as your favorite heroes.

      • One of the biggest ones :(.

        And yea that would be great. I’d love leveling up like that, even if you have like a set hero instead of a class or like as a class. That’d be wicked cool.

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