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Last year I came across the website Critique Circle. Back then I didn’t really think it was useful. Perhaps it was my need for a full manuscript  review, or my laziness to reading other’s works.  But recently I’ve found it to be a wonderful resource.

The concept of the site is great: critique other author’s works in order to get your own work critiqued. It’s a self sustaining system that ensures people give to receive. I can’t remember the actual amounts, but I believe you need about 3 credits in order to post a work of your own. Therefore the more active you are within the community, the more you can get out of it. And it works great.

I recently put the first chapter up for Quincy’s 2nd book and managed to receive 11 critiques on it in a weeks time. That’s incredible to me. I’ve only managed to amass 2 or 3 solid beta readers over the past 2 years and they take time to get back to me. With Critique Circle, I’ve managed 5 times the amount of critiques in a quarter of the time. Sure, it may take longer to get the entire piece critiqued. But the exposure it receives is amazing.

On the flip side, the system forces you to critique other’s works. A practice that I think is undervalued by a lot of beginner writers. Reading hones your craft, there’s no denying that. The more you read the more you learn; and reading both good and bad writing helps you. And if you can teach or correct something, it means you understand it that much more.

So if you’re a writer and are in need of critiques, I suggest you give Critique Circle a shot. It’s definitely worth it.

-Your Sinus Impaired Indie Author

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2 thoughts on “Critique Circle

  1. That’s really cool. Sort of how Write About Dragons functioned, but probably a bit more consistent. I’ll have to give it a shot once I’ve given the manuscript a once over myself. Thanks for the recommendation!

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