The Inspiration of Others

Life is hilarious. The things people do, the way they act, their words, tics, etc are great. At it’s core, writing, and stories in general, are a tribute to this. The things we authors write all have some sort of influence to them. Sure, an author creates a character and scene from thin air, but they wouldn’t be able to do that without their personal experiences and inspiration gather from others.

I wanted to blab about this because I owe a lot to the people in my life for things. Just the otheer day I came up with Queen City’s signature dish because of what a friend said. She said the word octopi, attempting to refer to the plural form of octopus. We weren’t talking about my writing or anything but it ignited an idea in my head instantly. Just by hearing her say it, my brain went: octopi -> octo pie -> Octo-pie! -> Queen City has a huge history with Octopus. Of course everyone love Octo-Pie!  I immediately loved her to death.


It’s amazing, how something so simple can spark something so big. Even just daily conversations, or inside jokes. As a writer, all of those things end up being bled onto the page. Very bit of every person we interact with leads to some bit of writing. It’s the natrure of it I guess. 


Thank you, friends, for saying normal, stupid, quotable, everyday things that lead us to craft entertainment.


-Your Sub-Par Swyper


-> Everything is Awesome <- Because the Lego Movie was surprisingly good.

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