Super Late Super Bowl Thoughts

Well, I think it’s safe to say the Super Bowl was kind of one sided; and kind of a letdown. It was built up to be a great battle; the best offense versus the best defense. An unstoppable force against an immovable object. But instead the Broncos decided not to show up.

I was torn beforehand. As a Colts fan I wanted Manning to win a title, but I liked the Seahawks too. Either way, I would get to see a great game, enjoy some food, and pretty satisfied with the result; all the while hooting and hollering about how each team should do something stupid just to hit my square numbers. It was poised to be a good, entertaining Sunday. But instead I got fat for no reason.

 The game itself was terrible to watch. The Seahawks dominated in every aspect of the game. By the time the fourth quarter came around, I found myself cringing like I would during a Saw movie. Down 22? Not a big deal—oh wait that’s a pick six. It was brutal. The Oatmeal summed it up nicely here.

But that’s ok. The games miserable, but I least I had my squares right? Well not after that Safety I didn’t. But at least I could enjoy the commercials! That’d be true if they were good. But only a couple really made me laugh. Though, I probably missed a lot of them to be honest.

At any rate, Super Bowl XLVIII will go down as one of the worst. It’s sure to see very little replay. I’m just glad I got to enjoy a lot of good food and good people. Congrats Seahawks.

-Your Dissapointed Manning Fan

P.S. From a writing standpoint you could take this as a lesson. Don’t build up for an epic battle just to have it end in a one sided romping. It’ll leave the audience unsatisfied. 


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