Noise Complaints

So, last night my friends and I got together to place some good old Type 4 magic. Not just any old Type 4 though, but drinking Type 4. You see, over the summer we concocted this idea to create our own cards and make the game a little more interesting by introducing alcohol; because why not? We’ve played twice so far and both times have been thoroughly successful.

How does it work? Pretty much you make up a bunch of ridiculous cards that destroy the rules in all sorts o ways. Then you add some new key words; such as: Intoxication (this creature also deals damage in drinks), I Got This (you may play this card without paying it’s mana cost i you take a shot), and Shotgunning (shotgunning a beer for some reason or another). Winning a round of Type 4 can be hard enough on its own, but trying to pay attention to rules and not screw up while you can’t read the writing on the cards is a whole other level of challenging.

If you’re a fan of the game,  I highly recommend trying this out. If you have any questions and such, just ask. I’m more than willing to help a fellow thirsty planeswalker in need. As for creating the cards, I use Magic Set Editor. The program is really well made and easy to use.  You can even make cards for other games in it too. Definitely a cool tool they created right there.

What made the night more memorable was the knock of a police officer at our door. Apparently they received a noise complaint, which is legit I suppose. The music could have been louder than anyone thought;  we were drunk after all. But you should have seen the look on the officers face when I opened the door. He definitely expected some kind of party scene and not a group of kids sitting around playing MTG. It was pretty funny. He hardly even knew what to say.

This incident got me thinking. At first, the whole act of calling the police to complain about noise seemed passive aggressive.  Kind of like, just escalating the incident to a whole new level for something so small. Why didn’t the neighbor that the issue just come by and ask for us to tone it down? But then I realized that they have no clue who I am. We live in an apartment building in the city and all they probably heard were people talking loudly and loud bass sounds. For all they knew, I could have been a drug cartel having our Saturday Night Club night or something.

The point is: it made me think. It made me think about our perceptions of situations and how we react. And the whole thing struck me as a little strange. Maybe I should meet my neighbors.


-Your Drunken Planeswalker

Really grooving to this stuff right now -> Caravan Palace!

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