It’s Halloween, So Villains!

For those of you who don’t know, the new Batman Arkham game came out last week. So, I’ve been pretty much glued to my couch with my 360 controller in my hand since I picked it up on Sunday morning. Overall it’s received mixed reviews, but so far I’m hooked. It’s got a bigger city to explore, the combat system is the same (which is good cause it’s pretty flawless), the boss battles are great, and the story has me hooked so far. Maybe I just love being Batman and beating up bad guys, but so far I think it’s well done (minus the small glitches that seem to happen from time to time-I’m not picky though, so those don’t really bother me).

At any rate, as far as comics and super heroes go, I think Batman has some of the best villains. They’re so iconic and I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t know a handful or have a favorite one. Many even make the argument that the Joker is the greatest villain of all time. And from playing Arkham Origins and getting good old one on one time with some wonderful classic and nostalgic villains, it gets the brain ticking. It inspires me to reach that level of productivity. Villain ideas have been flowing out of me left and right, each one trying to be more devious or challenging than its predecessor. In short, I’m having a blast.

Though all this is great, I find myself at a bit of a worry. It makes sense that whatever you’re reading or following media wise or doing in your every day to day life would affect your writing. Arkham is pretty gritty in nature, and Batman’s villains pretty vile. Deep down it creates a small worry to me while I create endless amounts of super villains for Quincy to face through his adventurous because his story is so light hearted and comical. Sometimes, it makes me worry that the whole theme will take an abrupt turn as it goes along.

But, whatever. Right now I’m having too much fun coming up with super villains to worry about all that. It sounds like a problem for future Ben anyways.

-Your Dark Knight of the Couch

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