Letting It Sit

Just finished my first write through of my second manuscript. It feels great, but it’s time for my least favorite part– letting it sit.

One of the things I’ve come across through the many hours of studying devoted to this writing thing is that you always put the piece of work away for a bit and come back to it. I find this hard on a personal level. I absolutely obsess over writing sometimes and forcing myself to lay off a piece and do absolutely nothing with it seems inefficient or a waste of time. I want to keep moving forward not take a break you know? 

I do, however, agree that the benefits from letting it sit are great.It allows you to take a fresh look at the work when you return to it. Editing becomes easier, you can look at something with a level head and think, “well that just doesn’t make sense” or “that’s just stupid”. 

When you work on it day in and day out, you’re too wrapped in it to see what’s missing. You know what does what and why, and whose who because of this, that, and the other thing. You constantly tell yourself that you can get to that part later, and that the train is actually a goat is obvious. I find the break to be a necessity, one I hate to take.

At any rate, hope those of you who write out there, that your writing is going well. I hope that you can handle these breaks better than I; and that you don’t itch to take that manuscript out of the draw and attack it blindly every waking second.  


-Your Addicted Scribe

P.S. Dragon Age 2 is possibly the best story telling I ever seen in a video game, however it did have the most bland story ever.

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