Aca-cuse me!?

As we all know because it’s endlessly drilled into our heads the moment you decide you want to write, the best way to learn the craft is to read read read read read read read read. Solid advice, but I dare say that there is much you can learn from other types of media as well.  Although  reading is a good way to learn the craft, I proposition that there is much to be learned from other sorts of media.  Movies and TV can also provide an insight to story telling as well as spark ideas.  That’s why recently I’ve been on a huge media consuming spree; well that and the whole sick thing, though feeling better!  

See, to me, being a writer isn’t just about writing. It’s really about sharing the story, sharing the adventure as best as possible. What’s to say that the original way I’m writing it is the best way? Who knows, perhaps it would make a better movie, or tv series, or even web comic. I don’t strive to be a good writer, and I don’t think anyone should. I think a writer should strive to be a good story teller. A good world builder, and a good entertainer. My scope for my writing doesn’t stop at books. I have loads of ideas ready to be explored. I don’t want only readers to experience Quincy’s misadventures, I want the world to.  

Now, all this is really leading up to me saying one thing. Pitch Perfect is a good movie. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It’s like Step Up, but about acapella groups. What’s this have to do with the rest of what I said? Nothing. However, the movie does inspire me. It’s got a feel good vibe and focuses heavy on music. And music is a huge muse of mine. Sometimes you get that wrong song at the right moment and it takes you away to the top of the world.

Anyways, that’s my rambling.

-Your Blogger with a total Toner

The Bella’s

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One thought on “Aca-cuse me!?

  1. jokelly65 says:

    it should always be about the story. thanks for sharing

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