Gears of Life

The new tentative title for my WAD( Write ABout Dragons) project!  I managed to start last week! Just the beginnings, but I’m already starting to enjoy the core group of characters.  Had to share my excitement. Especially seeing as I’m still couch bound; boo!

I also finally found a proofreader for Stopping the Fat Guy as well.  Pretty excited about that too. One step closer to publishing my first work 🙂 It’s been a long, long road to boot.  I can’t believe I’ve actually written a full novel; even if it is on the shorter side at 60,000 words. Which, by the way, for those of you who don’t know ( I assume that’s all of you, cause let’s face it I’m a nobody) can read the Prologue and 1st Chapter over on my Goodreads pages. If you like listening to old men ramble about the good old days in a nonsensical fashion, I highly suggest you check it out. If you really like it, you can even shoot me an email and I’ll shoot you a copy of the full thing. Quincy Quiver is so close to introducing himself to the world.

I’m just super excited about all this. Hard work is starting to have physical results and, as a creator, it feels great to see a project come together.  Hope all is well for all of you struggling, rising artists out there. Keep up the hard work. And if you start to feel down  about it all, just listen to some Big Sean and remember that hard work and time pays off. 

On a side note, Big Sean needs to drop another album like right now.

-Your Overly Excited Rookie Wordsmith

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One thought on “Gears of Life

  1. The world needs Quincy Quiver!

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