Writing While Sick

I’ve been really sick the past couple months.  I had mono, it sucked btws.  I’m sick again, the doctors say it can’t be the mono, it feels like the mono, at any rate I’m frustrated. I can’t really afford to keep missing work, but I can’t really do much, if I’m sick tomorrow again I’ll be going back to the doctors and hopefully magical pills will help me or something.  


At any rate, what sucks the most is that it’s all head sickness. It’s annoying, thinking is hard. Functioning is hard. It’s like there’s a wall in the way, or a clamp holding in my brain power. It’s stupid. It’s been hindering me from doing anything really, I feel unsafe driving, reading takes too much effort, and writing, well writing is near impossible.  My creative juices have been damned up; it’s hell. I think I’d be ok with the rest of the sickness if I could at lesat jot stuff down, but I can’t. It’s infuriating.  


I’m sorry this post doesn’t have much substance other than me complaining about being sick and it preventing me from doing anything I like. It’s just how I fell right now. Utterly frustrated. Write About Dragons starts tomorrow, and I’ll be a hippo’s mother if I let this thing prevent me from keeping pace with it.  

I was wondering if anyone has been very sick before and managed to write. And if it worked out for them or not.  


-Your Constricted Fiction Forger

At least I can still listen to this. I  can’t get enough of this stupid song.


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3 thoughts on “Writing While Sick

  1. You managed to post, so that’s some writing! Sorry you don’t feel well, especially right before Write About Dragons. I’ve not been super sick in the last few years, but I suggest a hot tea with honey and a touch of lemon. Breath it in as it cools to a more drinkable temperature and see how you feel.

    Maybe if you do all of this in front of your computer/notebook, the writing will come to you?

    Good luck!

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