Villains Villains Villains

It amazes me  how much I learn to love each character as I write more and more. Even the small people, like a cashier who has but one purpose, seems to grow on me in their own way. Obviously,  these supporter can’t take my heart as much as the main attractions. The heroes, like Quincy Quiver, or the villains, like his nemesis, Milton the Magician. A lot of sources claim that villains are more complex. This could be the case in some instances. They have a lot going on. How they became evil, what they want to achieve. Personally, I try to give all my characters this great depth, but I find it easier to understand my villains from a writing stand point. For instance, Milton has this drive to be the greatest Magician of all time, at all costs. That’s his core motive, and it helps make him easy to write. Coming up with his back story was a piece of cake. What he needs to do, no problem. And every time he appears in a scene, he just does what he would do.


This might seem bland but it leads to great things. The villain always struggles. The hero always foils their plans, everybody is against the villain. Think about how tragic that is. All he wants is one thing, and no matter how hard the villain tries, countless amounts of people try to stop him. Being a villain isn’t easy.  They plot for years just to get foiled on one night, but one man who thinks what they’re doing is wrong. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty miserable and/or mischievous after that too.


At any rate, I just wanted to take a moment for us to appreciate some great villains over the years. Despite their troubled lives, some of them have broken through the mold to the point of being even popular among fans.  Just look at the Joker. He is a fantastic villain. In most renditions he has one true goal, to oppose Batman. It seems so bland and simple. Yet, it’s made him iconic. He’s ruined Gotham over and over, tortured Commissioner Gordon’s family, and schemed ridiculously detailed plots just to get under Batman’s skin.  It’s almost to the point where a Batman story without the Joker just isn’t nearly as good as one with it.


Villains are simple, yet so complex at the same time. That’s why I keep falling in love with mine. What do you guys think? Are villains awesome? Are they funner/easier to write?


-Your Mischievous Young Plotter


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3 thoughts on “Villains Villains Villains

  1. jokelly65 says:

    I have found that I love my villians LOL. and when I have killed them off, I usually regret it. from the mad Hate filled Russian assassin Mikhail, to the twisted, evil serial killer Jasper who revels in his art and believes a man should be well dressed for even the smallest of occasions LOL.

  2. cnmill says:

    I love all the characters I write. Yes, even the villains. 🙂

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