Being a Newbie is Rough

As a newbie writer on my start to breaking into the industry, I have a lot of other time consumers in my life. The main one is work, which is mainly just an 8 hour time sink. I’d probably feel different about this if I had a better job that was more fitting to my degree but right now I’m doing a monkeys work, at least I’m learning about how companies work I suppose, and much more I’d like rant about, but maybe at another time.   The point is, that like everyone else in the world, I’m constrained on time and it sucks.


There are so many stories to write and no time to do it.  I mean there might be if I do absolutely nothing and work all day and then come home and write all night and have little to no social life. Which, is what I kind of did for the past year, though a lot  of that time was spent learning as opposed to actually writing. But it was necessary and I don’t regret it.  You have to make sacrifices if you want to get where you want to be. But now-a-days I’ve lost my workaholic overdrive mode and want to do more social stuff which unfortunately cleaves away at writing time.


This lack of time has caused me to hone my focus on one project, which sucks cause I felt held back. Like I have a ferocious river of creative energy and I’ve dammed it back. Allowing, for now, only the Quincyness to pass through. In a way this makes it a bit boring. I love the world of Quincy, and by far it really is the story I care about the most, but I yearn so much to write about other things sometimes, and I know I will eventually, but I have to get at least some of this out first.


This need to explore other ideas needs to be fed every now and then though, and I think the best solution to this might be short stories. Though, for some bewildering reason, every short story I attempt ends up being a horror story. I guess they turn out to be an outlet for my paranoia, because I creep myself out in stupid ways way too much, especially at night.


At any rate, I plan to write at least one of these a month to mix it up. I think I’ll submit them places too. I mean who knows right? And if that fails, I’ll at least post them here for some wondering person to stumble upon and read, and hopefully not be able to sleep the following night without at least looking under the bed.


-Your Paranoid Parrot

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10 thoughts on “Being a Newbie is Rough

  1. If your plan is to break in as a writer, I think short stories is probably not the way to go at it. They’re just not very easily marketable. I’ve got the same problem as you do: I’m struggling with the writing-work-social life-household-sports-combination. In my experience the best sollution is to try to create a routine. Write for one hour every day, preferably on a fixed time schedule. Get up an hour early every day if you’re a morning person, write one hour every evening if you’re an evening person. And stick to that, no matter what.

    • Oh I agree. I write every morning. The short story aspect is more of a way to switch up what I’m writing. A break from the current project as opposed to being stuck working on the same thing all the time.

      • Doesn’t that make it hard to be focused on the project at hand? Personally, I need to be immersed in a fiction project to be at my best.

  2. I mean, at least so far for me, I have had times of being completely submersed, but it has swayed recently. I’m a discovery writer, so I write what ever comes to me and then connect the dots later. So working on something else is kind of like the time of letting the piece set and then coming back to it. A reset for the brain, so it could work on the piece with a fresher, broader point of view.

    What I have learned over the past year, is that every writer is completely different in their methods. I find each one so interesting. I’m sure mine makes no sense to others at times haha.

  3. amberskyef says:

    And then you’ll eventually have to crack down on social media, which is even more time-consuming than the writing itself. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I start classes again in the fall, especially because my book will hopefully be published by then (it’s with AEC Stellar Publishing). I guess I’ll just have to see.

  4. jokelly65 says:

    Good luck with your project. I still struggle for time to write, and occasionally I’m even successful LOL usually by spending most of the night writing, then catching four hours of sleep.

  5. Christopher Lynn says:

    I couldn’t imagine putting my focus on more than one story line at a time. The one I am currently putting together takes all my concentration to keep all my facts straight, but I do enjoy a challenge. i am lucky enough to have a job with hours of down time where I have free access to a computer, Pandora, and coffee. My eleven month old precious girl keeps my writing to a hobby I preform at work.

    • I don’t know, it’s weird I don’t have an issue keeping them straight. Of course, I try to write everything down so that I don’t need to keep ideas in my head. But I think that the different projects are so vastly different that it would be impressive to mix them up. I’m so glad I don’t have kids yet, that must make it incredibly tough.

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