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Prepare yourself, this post has nothing to do with writing or storytelling.

Maybe it’s just me and the people I know, but I feel like we completely under appreciate and under use the amazing technology that we have at our finger tips today. I’m sure some of it is lack of understanding that the technology is out there slash made easily accessible.  Though, that would be my reasoning for the older crowd. Maybe for the rest of us it just isn’t convenient enough yet.

One thing that is hardly ever used in my life that I feel like should be used all the time is video calling. Services like Skype or Google Hangout, or even Facebook now I believe, make this so easy. And what could be better than talking to someone face to face when you want to say something? One of the major flaws of technology is that it’s un-personal. Texting? How many things have you said in text that you would never say in person? Because it doesn’t feel real. You don’t have to look the person in the eye or even actually say the words. It completely defiles most of the meaning, and though even I text all the time, I’ll admit that sometimes it’s the safe coward way of saying something/ confronting someone.

On the other hand, if you actually care about someone and want to interact with them, video calling seems like the way to go no? I mean you can actually see the person and talk to them as if they were next to you. You can do this on the fly, with your phone! Instantly! In seconds, you can video call anybody you know and talk to them as if they were right in front of you, for any amount of time you desire. I mean, that’s like practically summoning a person in front of you to have  quick conversation, or opening a black hole to their current position just to say hi. This can be done with the push of a button and it never gets put to use. What is wrong with us? Ten years ago, the idea of this existing would have blown our minds.


Yet, instead of using this incredible, unfathomable, convenience, we take an hour to text one another about what to do for dinner. I understand the usefulness of texting while busy like at work, or school, or something, but while all parties are sitting around doing nothing , wanting food, wouldn’t it be easier to have a 5 minute Google video with everyone to decide that you want to get pizza at 630 instead of each all texting each other and getting confused for an hour to come to the same conclusion?  Yet, we still use texting as our main source of communication. Why?  I wish I knew.



It’s almost as if we have this strange belief that video calling someone has to be an involved process. That if you video call someone it’s to hold a conversation that will last longer. In reality this isn’t the case. I believe a video call should be used for the smallest of things. Let’s take away the barrier that technology thrusts upon on communication and make it personal again.


-Your Favorite Socially Awkward Texting Penguin

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2 thoughts on “Video Chat

  1. Brandon and I used Skype quite a few times my freshman year since he was in NY. Now I just have no one to video chat with. :[ I really want to try using Skype on my phone or iPod though.
    -A fellow socially awkward texting penguin

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