Self-Publishing on the Horizon

I was roaming Reddit today, go figure, right, and found myself weaving through r/seflpublish.  A great place for any of you looking to get into the self publishing game like me. The community there is very helpful and there is a lot of guides and how to’s to get you going.


Anyways, as you would assume the general thought in r/selfpublish is that it’s the way to go. This is a view point I find myself believing for the most part. It seems like the future is at hand no matter what anyone says to the contrary.


Now, I’m not saying traditional publishing is bad, they both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and I’m not going to get into that here because I don’t have experience and because you can find new posts on that every day. I’m just saying that I believe it is better and that’s why I plan to do it. However, I will tell you why ‘m doing it.

First, and most important to me, is for the fans. I may not have any yet, but the goal is that some people out there will enjoy reading Quincy Quiver and his misadventures just as much as I enjoy writing them. With that being the case I really don’t want some company preventing them from as much information as I can provide.  With traditional publishing the process can be slower than molasses, where as a self-published indie author new material and such can be put out there as fast at that slug in that new movie Turbo can move.


I want to provide you all with as much as possible as soon as possible. That includes not only full books in the form that they’re meant to be, but also side stories etc. without having to hold anything back for any reason.


My second more personal reason to go indie is the money.  Self publishers earn a lot more than traditional published authors per sale. And this can be achieved with a lower cost to the reader as well. How is that not better overall? Both reader and author win in this situation, as it should be. When a book you love is priced at around 2.99 how can you go wrong right?


The major downfall to this whole indie thing is of course the extra work and extra upfront pocket cost to produce a great product. Marketing, editing, cover art, formatting, editing again, and so on and so forth. It all adds up fast and it all can produce quite the headache- not to mention how much your feelings get hurt by editors. I know they’re there to help, and I love my editors, don’t get me wrong, but it hurts cutting up and changing something you’ve put so much work into. But despite all the headaches and stressing out and moments of feeling like there’s no point to it all, I think in the end it will all be worth it, and am confident that if I stay the indie course and keep it true to its roots, Memoirs of A True Hero will be something people can enjoy.  And if not? Well then screw it cause in my eyes Quincy’s amazing anyways and I wouldn’t trade the time writing him for anything.


-Your Determined Future Indie Author


Spectrum, by Zedd <– Lovin’ it right now

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