Writing to the Beat

Not going to lie, I’m struggling with writer’s block right now ( the procrastination kind) so I figured, “Hey, why don’t a write a blog post. That’s kind of productive right?” 

 Everybody has their own way and necessities to write. Some writers write at a specific time every day for an hour, some have a destined word count that drives them, some need music, some need silence; I wouldn’t be surprised if at lest one person needs to hike 4 miles into the woods just to sit down and pump out a few words. I found one of the hardest parts of breaking into writing consistently to be figuring what I needed to write.  If I needed goals or strict schedule.  I tried pretty much everything, and I owe a lot of thanks to /r/writing community for help and insight into to various methods.

What is my trick? How do I avoid writer’s block and finally force my fingers to keys?


Yup, for me it’s that simple.  I’ve found that I can write pretty much anywhere on anything as long as I can sweep myself away with whatever music. I know there are a ton of other writers out there this way too. A lot of them have specific kinds of music they listen to; a writing playlist, or certain types of music for certain types of scenes, but I’m not so picky. Any old music will do. I could be listening to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex and writing about Quincy werewolf hunting with Rusty or about Artemis and Quincy having a coffee date all the same.  


For me the music is a way to “Shut the door” on the world around me and escape to the Wonderful Queen City or other places. That’s not saying that I haven’t written particular scenes because of specific songs though.  I have certainly gained inspiration from certain songs as well.  In fact my entire NaNoWriMo was written while listening to Halloween songs like the Monster Mash and Time Warp.  They just fit for some reason. There was also a point while editing my first book in which all I could listen to Aqua Teen’s Hunger Force’s Have Yourself A Very Meaty Little Christmas (which by the way is the funniest Christmas music I’ve ever heard and you should definitely check it out. It’s so well done.)

 What can I say, music is my muse and has been my entire life. Whether it’s Big Sean or Ludacris or Maroon 5 or Coldplay or Lou Bega or Beastie Boys or Taylor Swift, it’s amazing. I am so thankful for all the artists I love. One of my favorite things is live music. It makes you feel so alive. 

Anyways, music works for me. So if you’re starting out as a writer and are having trouble ‘Shutting the Door’ try it. But then again maybe you’re one of those – lock yourself in a closet with a candle, silence, and notebook types. To each his own I suppose.


Speaking of music, Ghostface Killah is coming to a small bar in town. Going to be one of the greatest experiences ever.


-Your Typical Showering Sing-A-Longer

Today’s Writer’s Block Buster:  Take A Walk– Passion Pit

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