3 Books A Year

A couple days ago I read an interesting post over at The Creative Penn.   Joanna talked about small writing goals each goal and crunched the numbers on the outcome.  It turns out that writing just 700 words a day would lead to three 80,000 word novels in one year. That’s a pretty awesome achievement. Especially considering the Volume One of Mermoirs of A True Hero will be approximately 60,000. The post inspired me and it is my new goal to write at least this much a day. 700 words is nothing. Might take a half hour – hour pending on how out of it I am.  Of course it won’t be publishable words. Editing and revising will take much longer, but hopefully that will come quicker and better with time.

I sure hope every book I write doesn’t take a year to properly fix like my first one has thus far. I;m assuming they won’t. A lot of the struggle was breaking into the habit and learning how I write and what works, etc.

Currently Quincy’s first adventure is out to some Beta Readers. Once it’s back from them, I’ll fix any issues and send it off to the copy editor, and then to a proofreader.I’m hoping to get it out to the public by July the latest. The entire subject matter might not be entirely in season then, but I think it’s best it gets out there and get some reviews and such by the time December comes around.

I also hope to have Volume 2 off at the Content Editor by then. It’s mostly done already, and if I can stay mostly on the 700 words a day plan there shouldn’t be an issue.

This site is still in the skin and bones phase but one of the main things I want to do is get an email list going. The idea is to allow people who want to to sign up and get notice when weekly updates happen. Everyone on this list will also receive acces to exclusive writing extras. Everything from the lore of Queen City to possibly deleted scenes.  I know Brandon Sanderson does this over at his site and I really like the idea. If you guys end up liking Quincy as much as me, I know you’ll love to read anything and everything I got.

I’ll also have my book’s hook and prologue up soon too. Hopefully it’ll give you a little taste as to what to expect.

Last time I was in Queen City DJ Moose was spinning this track –>
Kill Your Heroes.
–Your Channel to Worlds That Don’t Exist

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