Life Before Death

In case you didn’t catch the reference of the title, I just finished reading Way of Kings. And as per usual Brandon Sanderson hits it out of the park. So much so, that I’ve already started reading Words of Radiance.

The book is a long haul to read but well worth it. Personally, I love Kaladin’s story the most. I’m always a fan of a chosen one I guess. Which so far Kaladin definitely shows parts of. Plus it’s just great on a huge scale. Everything he has gone through in life so far; It’s quite the journey.

I find Sanderson’s way of storytelling in this novel interesting with Kaladin in particular. He has a lot of flashback moments which work well and keep a bit of mystery to the character. Though I found myself constantly wishing it weren’t done this way. I guess through reading this novel I realized that I’m not a fan of flashbacks. I rather watch the character grow from the start. Be a part of them through their entire journey I guess.

The other interesting storytelling technique Sanderson uses in the Stormlight Archives so far is chapters being from the point of view of a non important character. This intrigues me as a writer and reader. I know others have  done this too, but still it’s strange. And I can’t help but wonder what that lone chapter about the Spren studyier was all about. Unless I missed something.

Anyways,  9/10 in my book. Definitely go read it. I’m sure it will leave you,  like me, shouting the ideals of the knights radiant at the top of your lungs as you dance around a hotel room in your underwear wielding whatever object you can get your hands on like a spear.

-Your Stormblessed Writer

“Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.”

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Prison Break

Over the past month I found myself getting hooked on Prison Break. Thank you Netfliix for making it super easy for me to waste countless hours of my life with ease. Well, today I finally reached the end.

All in all I liked the show a lot. The only issue I had with it is how endless it seemed, or how ridiculous things kept getting. I mean the core concept of season 1 was break out of prison. How do they stretch that into four seasons? Especially seeing as *SPOILER ALERT* they break out of the prison at the end of the first season.

For how great the show was, the strapping to make it longer and more in depth hindered it. Mainly Season 2 and 4 lost me a lot. Season 4 especially with the concept of every episode making the entire situation bigger and bigger. It reminded of the issue the Following has. Conspiracies can only get so big. After too many ‘Him too?’ moments, it gets stale. These are the moments where Prison Break lost me. Which is sad, because the show was really great when it was firing on all cylinders. 

All in all, Season 1 great, Season 2 lost me for a while and I came back in at the end, Season 3 great ( go figure they were in Prison again), and Season 4 had me til about episode 12, that’s when I was just trying to crank through till the end. In fact I stopped paying attention half the time while I had it on.

Unfortunately this slumpiness tends to happen in all drama TV series. Probably due to the fact that the creators don’t want it to end. They want to maximize revenue from a show, and when they do this they sacrifice the story. Other times people just don’t know how to end it. And all good things need to end. As a writer that hurts. One can only hope that the overall story will take precedence one day.

-Your Traveling Netflixer 

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